Chocolate is always guaranteed to make someone's day! And our 'Random Acts of Chocolate' are designed to do just that...

Make someone's day...

Random Acts of Chocolate is a charitable initiative Founded and run by The Chocolate Wrapper.   We're on a Mission to find people who you feel need a lift, require a bit of recognition or simply just need a nice surprise to make their day...

  • It may be a friend in need
  • A colleague who has done an amazing job
  • A family member who you want to thank
  • Someone who's helped you or another person
  • Someone you want to make smile
  • Or even a complete stranger...

In fact, the list is endless...

FREE Chocolate...

Our aim is to make people smile by sending random people a 'Random Act of Chocolate'!

And who gets them is down to you...

You can nominate anyone, of any age, at any time who you think would be a worthy recipient of a 'Random Act of Chocolate'. Simply complete the nomination form and that's all there is to it.

We'll review all nominations received each month and send the top eight nominees a FREE tasty chocolate bar from you to make their day.

So get nominating and make it your mission today to make a difference to someone with a 'Random Act of Chocolate'.

Note: We choose eight nominations each month (two a week) so if your nomination is successful, we'll contact you to let you know and to get the address where you want us to send the chocolate.

If you've any queries or questions please feel free to drop us an e-mail at

Random Acts of Chocolate - Nomination Form

Your Name:
Your Email Address:
Name of the Person you are nominating?
Why are you nominating this person for a 'Random Act of Chocolate'?

Please Note: We are a normal family that hates spam e-mail as much you do! As such, you have our word that no details will be used for sharing with providers of Personal Protection Insurance, dodgy Timeshare, to-good-to-be-true holidays or anyone else for that matter!

James & Lauren
Random Acts of Chocolate

Monthly Nominations

Random Acts of Chocolate was launched in January 2016.  Since then it has continued to do its bit to help bring a bit of happiness and fun into peoples' lives.  Thanks to everyone who has made a Random Act of Chocolate nomination. 

This continues to be a great initiative that people seem to love so each month we accept nominations, at any time, and then choose the successful nominees at the end of the month and send them their chocolate.

We never fail to be moved, impressed and inspired by the stories we receive and it's great that receiving a surprise bar of chocolate can give people a bit of a lift at a time of need.  Stories to date include...

  • A lady who’s husband was battling terminal illness
  • Family members going through a tough break up
  • A daughter who was moving away from home
  • People that dedicate their time to volunteering
  • Work colleagues who have done a good job
  • A neighbour who has no family
  • A person who, despite the odds, has had a baby
  • A child who needed regular hospital appointments
  • Friends that need a lift
  • A good luck for exam re-sits
  • People that have lost family and friends
  • A sister who was away serving with the Armed Forces

And many more...

Please note that due to the volume of requests we receive we are only able to respond to successful nominees so if you make a nomination on one month and don't hear anything please feel free to make your nomination the following month if appropriate.

Chocolate for charity...

Random Acts of Chocolate was officially launched amid a blaze of publicity in January 2016. 


The stories and reasons for nominations were incredible - everything from people battling cancer, others caring for sick friends, those who had lost jobs and remained positive, pregnant mums to be needing a lift, people going through a hard time to those working with and supporting young people. All extremely worthy recipients - well done!

The following peoples' made the first successful nominations and can proudly claim to be the first subscribers to this unique initiaitive....

Ewan Murray, Paula Matthews, Lisa Derbyshire, Helen Wilding, Liz Denial, Carole Middleton, Joan Taylor, Ingrid Stanton, Andrea Tinkler, Charlotte, Jane Razzell, Nicola Christy, Natice Duncan, Ruth Connors, Bernadette Martindill, Clare Harding, Michelle Swain